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Dr. John McGrail - Hypnotherapy Los Angeles | Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Los Angeles

Hypnotherapy Los Angeles


Dr. John McGrail

Author of
The Synthesis Effect,

Dr. John McGrail - The Synthesis Effect

Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation
Helping You Create a Better You!
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Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Los Angeles: Create a Better You!

My Mission

To foster and advance human development – to guide, teach, and empower my clients to experience the behavioral, emotional, and spiritual change, growth and healing they desire.

To provide the best and finest care possible in a safe, comfortable environment where, dignity, sensitivity, and confidentiality are paramount.

To instill and disseminate this precept – our potential to attain professional and personal goals, to live our best life, a life of joy, spirit, peace-of-mind, and abundance in all aspects is unlimited; and then provide my clients the tools and resources with which to do so.

Dr. McGrail explains hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Dr. John McGrail Appears On Rob Dyerdek’s Fantasy Factory

When most people think of hypnosis, they think of a hypnotist making people act silly on a stage. Dr. John McGrail is the best; a professional and compassionate certified clinical hypnotherapist (clinical hypnotist) based in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area. Dr. McGrail practices hypnotherapy; using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. He is also a certified practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Therapeutic Imagery, and EFT; all safe, natural, painless, and powerful therapeutic modalities that both complement and even amplify the effectiveness of therapeutic hypnosis and any program of hypnotherapy. He has also developed a new model of therapy called quantum synthesis therapy (see below) which achieves results in up to half the time required using hypnosis alone.

Therapeutic hypnosis, also known as clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy, employs hypnosis, a completely natural state of consciousness that we all experience every day, to help you bring lasting change into your life. The human mind is incredibly powerful. Hypnosis allows you to access and harness that power to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Erase Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Panic, Eliminate Negative Habits And Emotions, Build Self Esteem, Enhance Performance, and much, much more.

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve a balance between your mind, body and spirit, and live a happier, more satisfying, and peaceful life. Hypnosis can help you literally create a better you!

Imagine a Smoking Cessation Program with a success rate as high or higher than 95%, or a Weight Loss Program that really works. Maybe you have a Fear Of Flying, too much Stress or you’d like to Enhance performance at work, at home, or at play. It’s only a phone call away. Why not call today for a free consultation; whether you live in the Los Angeles area or not, find out what hypnosis and hypnotherapy can do for you. And be sure to check out our latest offerings of tapes and CDs for use at home. Click Here or on the picture below to view our Create a Better You hypnosis at home products, the finest self hypnosis products available anywhere at any price .

Introducing the McGrail Methodâ„¢of Quantum Synthesis

Creating a Better You – in fewer sessions!

Dr. McGrail has developed an exciting and powerful new therapeutic protocol called the McGrail Methodâ„¢
of Quantum Synthesis, or more simply Synthesis.
Synthesis combines hypnosis and related modalities with powerful principles of quantum theory,
cognitive techniques and ancient mind empowering processes to help you create lasting change,
personal growth and transformation more quickly and efficiently (up to 50% faster than conventional hypnotherapy) than ever before.
This simple, but profound system produces results so quickly it may seem amazing, almost hard to believe – and you deserve it!

Changing your life does not have to be frustrating or painful.
A better YOU, your very BEST you, is just a phone call away

310-235-2883 / 800- 369-1516

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